Make money with cryptocurrencies- Beginning

Make money with cryptocurrencies- Beginning

Your very first tools

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·Apr 28, 2021·

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Our objective here is to give you the best advice we can, and the tools traders usually use to read the market, make their analysis, and take decisions.

Lessons are organised concentrically, to help you take the best of it. This way, you can choose the lesson you want to learn what you want from it. You don't have to follow the previous lessons to understand.


During this course, we will use almost a single tool to conduct our market analysis: Trading View. You can use the free version here : tradingview.com

We will mainly focus on the Bitcoin/USD trade pair. You can find it in the Markets > Cryptocurrencies menu. Choose the BTC/USD pair.


Go further

Once you have gone through our lessons, you can still give a try at our very last lesson, which will resume a few more indicators & complementary methods you could use.

Last but not least, do not overlook experience of others. People have always something to share with you, and it will be useful, even if you don't think so at first glance.

Thank you for reading our articles, we hope we hope to bring you useful things!

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